Gauri Shiva

Historical ~ Fantasy ~ Romance

A remote island

A dragon nearing the end of his life

A young sailor and a haunted girl

Sailing the rough seas of fate

Until they are brought together on

The Island of Cuélebre

(Historical ~ Fantasy ~ Romance)

A quiet, evocative fantasy that slowly weaves magic around a young sailor and a traumatized girl in the Iberian Peninsula at the end of an alternate 14th century. Their story touches on many elements familiar from fantasy and fairy tales to explore a hidden depth.

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Twenty-year-old Dragão is a witness to the hidden world of gods and fabled creatures, but no more than a witness. That changes when he’s asked to join a mission to fight a terror at sea. Back on a ship, among a crew of friends, he believes he’s there to fight sea monsters, but fate has other plans.

Querida loses everything she has ever known at sixteen. As she struggles to emerge from the nightmare, she wakes to a dual life. She enters an enchanted world that promises peace and forgetfulness, but it doesn’t last. For soon, she encounters a Cuélebre, an age-old dragon, and he will not let her go.

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