Lady Incognita / Gauri Shiva


I love to sing, write songs and produce music. I do so as Lady Incognita, my music persona. On one hand, I'm naturally drawn to writing love songs, and make dark, jazzy, cinematic music. I use everything from lush orchestration to gritty electronic elements, to create evocative ballads as well as tracks to dance to. On the other hand, I also love to make music that acts as a soundtrack, such as the ones I craft for the stories I write.


My love of writing is really my love for capturing emotions and stories in words. This led me to write poetry for over a decade. Some of those poems have made it into the lyrics of several of my songs. Though I tried my hand at a number of stories, I rarely finished them until I decided it was now or never, and wrote The Island of Cuélebre. I've now embarked on a fantasy romance series that marries fantasy with some of my most beloved fairy tales.


Drawing just maybe wins out as my earliest passion. I find myself returning to making art, after leaving it by the wayside for too many reasons for too long. I like to create foil art, digital art, oil pastel works, acrylic and water color paintings, and pencil portraits. Some of this work led me to write, illustrate and publish several toddler picture books. At present, I'm letting my music inspire me to paint a little cover image for each track that I release.